The Pros & Cons of Back-to-School Season

The Pros & Cons of Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season is in full swing.  Whether you love every second with your kids or dread your summer role as the full-time family “cruise ship director”, there’s no delaying the return to academics. Here are some pros and cons of handling this transition.


#3 – Routine is king.  While most of us thrive with routines, the obligations that accompany it can be overwhelming. Your youngest picks the wrong day to sleep in, the oldest can’t get to bed on time, you forgot to pack lunches the night before… for routines to be consistent, things need to happen in a certain way, and when they don’t, we easily can get thrown for a loop. Take a deep breath, delegate where possible, and focus on the priorities.

#2 – You lose a bit of your child.  Anyone else find that their son or daughter always makes a friend or two that isn’t to your liking when school returns? You lose a bit of control over who they socialize with and which behaviors and phrases get repeated. We’re so grateful for teachers, but with 20+ kids at a time, they just can’t monitor it all.

#1 – Bye bye flexibility. We’ve enjoyed movie nights, spontaneous getaways, and last-minute decisions and plans to the fullest this summer. With the return to school, much of that goes away. I know education is incredibly important and that there are so many great things around the corner for my child to learn and explore… but I’m going to miss the spontaneous snuggle sessions & giggles that we enjoyed.



#3 – Freedom!  Take the time to enjoy some “me time” while your children are in school.  Get a mani/pedi, enjoy a well-deserved spa treatment or have some quite time to enjoy a favorite book.

#2 – Routine is king. There is something to be said about not living by the alarm clock every day during the summer.  However, I’ve found that the return to school gets all of us back in check – myself included!

#1 – All the things we love come back.  Such as: prime time TV, athletics, extra curricular activities & the approach of the holiday season!  The end of summer/ beginning of fall is filled with just so much goodness, it’s hard not to get a bit excited!

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