Earn point jumper spot on your team with conditioning to increase the height and technique of cheer jumps – includes exercises that can be done at home!  Character education is incorporated in weekly lessons – we teach integrity and respect while increasing confidence and strength through athletics.

Click here to register and reserve your spot or give us a call at (818) 280-8044 and we’ll help you choose your classes. Having trouble finding a day/time that fits your schedule?  Check out our private and semi-private lessons.  Or if you have three students interested, we can create a class for you!



“My favorite part of the Magnitude Cheer Family is how they make us feel welcomed and valued.  When I say us, I mean both parents and students.  As a parent, it is always nice to have someone greet you with a smile, a wave or even a “How was your trip?”   My girls have interacted with [three of the coaches] and all are consistently professional and skilled at Cheer and Tumbling. However, what makes Magnitude Cheer stand out for us is the ability for the coaches to provide a nurturing learning environment for the various personalities and learning styles. Both my girls are very different…and so I am thrilled of how accepting and PATIENT [the staff is]...” – Vanessa L.