Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck?

Is This Energy-Drainer Keeping You Stuck?

It’s all around you, but you probably don’t even notice . . .and it may be sabotaging your fitness goals.

It’s called clutter and each of us has it in our lives.  This can be physical clutter or mental clutter.

The insidious nature of clutter is this:  it establishes itself so gradually and entrenches itself so deeply, that we don’t even consciously know it is there.  But it is there, sapping our creativity, energy, and productivity, and ultimately our health.

Physical clutter is environment.  This can be in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, ​closet, ​office, car, garage etc.  ​Whether it is unorganized & unkempt, or semi-organized, we sometimes move it, step over it, dust it, or worse . . . ignore it!  But, it still is there!

Clutter takes up space that could be used for other things or simply be emptied and left serene and open.

A clear, focused mind needs a clear, focused environment. ​Clutter tend to stifle your forward movement and creativity.  It always demands to be dealt with, and ​that can be draining, therefore leaving you with less energy for fitness, health, life and love.


Mental clutter affects your clear thinking. ​It mostly operates ​”under the radar​”, which makes it especially menacing.

​Some examples of mental clutter are: personal or work relationships, reacting to certain situations, long to-do lists, children’s well-being, etc.

Running on auto-pilot doesn’t allow us to really live, enjoy the present & “smell the roses”.  And your energy slowly drains away.


Physical clutter:

✓    Assess the different environments ​in which you live and work. Take one small space at a time and physically touch each object.  Really “see it”.

 ✓    Ask yourself—What is this?  Why do I have it? What is its function? Does it enrich my life?  Does it bless me?  Would someone else be blessed by it?  Is it trash?  After I’ve gone,        will someone else have to come in and get rid of it? Try to eliminate as much as you can.

 ✓    Have a friend come in when you are finished and go through it again with her/him.  You’ll have a fresh perspective, and they will have an objective view.

 ✓    Think really hard before acquiring more “stuff”.  Each time you bring in a new item, try to remove an old item. Out with the old and in with the new.


Mental clutter:

✓    SLOW DOWN.  In order to identify mental clutter, you must slow down and really pay attention.

✓    Ask yourself this key question several times a day:  “Do I have other options?”  Whether it is when that ‘someone’ is beginning to push your buttons or whether you are rushing to       get to work again, just stop for a moment, take a deep breath and try to come up with ​a different solution.

✓    Set a reminder several times a day to stop and take note of what you are doing when the reminder sounds.  Are you eating,​ stressing over a situation, checking Twitter for the             12th time, ​posting on Facebook, having the same dead-end conversation with someone?

✓    ​Evaluate your routines: morning, lunch, late afternoon, ​bedtime etc. ​Are your habits destructive, productive, time wasters?  How can you make them better?

✓    Don’t procrastinate. Not addressing a dreaded task is a sure ​to lower energy and productivity.  Make a list of those tasks and just do them.  You’ll be amazed at your ​feelings of           accomplishment and energy level!

Being fit and healthy requires being intentional about your environment, your schedule and your relationships.  Take it one day at a time ​and celebrate those small victories!

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