3 Halloween Party Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Candy

3 Halloween Party Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Candy


The temperatures are dropping and there’s a chill in the air (once in while in Southern California!) that only can mean one thing… Halloween is near! There’s nothing quite like throwing a party to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. Oh those ghosts, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, and sugar highs!  Beyond the energy bursts, they bring with them obvious empty calories and dental risks. While you likely can’t get away with a completely candy-free party, you can throw a less sugar-laden version. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Bobbing for apples. It’s a traditional game dating back years. Fill a tub with water, placed washed apples in the water, then take turns bobbing to catch the apple using only your mouth (no hands allowed)! It’s a fun party game that’s sure to prove entertaining – not to mention that everyone wins a prize: their apple. It’s nature’s candy.
  2. Obstacle courses. Bring some activity to the party with a DIY at-home obstacle course. Paint signs and directional arrows on tag board or even leftover cardboard boxes. Use items you have lying around the house to tie it into a theme. For example, you might start the race by having to put on at least five pieces of costume apparel, then gallop on a broomstick to the second obstacle where you place your forehead on the broomstick end and spin five times. From there, you walk the balance beam over the trail of plastic spiders before having to forage through hanging plastic bats while dressed like a ghost to find “a prize”. (You decide what the prize will be).
  3. Pumpkin painting contest. Pumpkin carving might be a bit ambitious (supervising a lot of children with carving tools may take a few years off your life), but painting them is fun for kids preschool age and up. Line your tables with newspaper or butcher paper, then equip stations with paint and brushes, jewels, feathers, and other craft materials. Let each attendee decorate a pumpkin, then assign each pumpkin a number. Have everyone vote by number (blind voting so no one knows which pumpkin belongs to which person) and award a prize.  Craft stores sell plastic pumpkins that can be used as well!

Trick-or-treating is usually the highlight of any Halloween celebration. However, it doesn’t have to carry through to the rest of the party: There are lots of ways to have fun that don’t center on candy! Happy Halloween!

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